The eeriness of Strictlyvanilla By ErkdaJ3rk

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Sv is a fun server where friends can hang out, build bases, fight players, and have fun in general. But, when you're all alone...



It's unerving.



Here's what I mean, once that last player gets off, you're all alone. In a big 150k x 150k world, as if it was abandoned, lost to time.It seems to me that cave sounds are more often, the nights are longer, the mobs are stronger, and spawn is just a deserted wasteland. Left in 1.15.2 forever. A world that was once great...





It seems as if Saenaria or Clu are hiding something from us. From all of Minecraft. A very dark secret that makes the world more lonely, and dark...


More unerving.


When nobody is on, check it for yourself. You will feel anxious. As if, something is watching you. You feel very insecure. Something feels different about this server. Something that makes it different from every other server. Not as in gameplay and community and such- but environment. It always feels like I'm not alone...






Like something or somebody was watching me explore my caves, trying to test me, and us as a whole.




Thank you for reading this, this is a short story about the environment of sv when nobody is on. I hope you liked it :D

(P.S) I didn't mean anything bad when I said Sae and Clue were hiding something, i's just for the effect



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