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Hello all! I have been gone a long time! Now Im back. Somebody has moved into my island. They changed a lot. a lot of the original is there. Anyway. I want to make a new island. Is there a way to make a new one withought dieing?? Teleport back to the begining and jump in on a new island? It looks like a lot has changed since I left and came back.  Also I bought a cow spawner a long time agao.. the person who took my island broke it.. How can I get another one?



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If you mean the new test server, we dont have any store intergration and anything from old server can not be transfered

if you would like to test the new skyblock


you can start a new island with following triggers

/trigger island_change set 2 (default) 1-4 various difficulty islands
then do /trigger island_start

do not move wait for everything to finish and boom welcome to your new island

there are many triggers like 

/trigger Hostile
/trigger Spawn
best to read book to as it has some helpful infomation

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