Mattpew22 staff application

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Hey it's mattpew22

I hope you are doing well.

im here today to give you my staff application.

I'm not saying that you need to give me staff. but I would be happy (:




 (Tokyo)Japan I hope it is fine to have international staff 



10 to 8 years But I have been playing Java for a year

6 to 7 months

Well first of all I can flex on all of my friends. Second of all I love taking a leadership role in real life and online is it would be great if I could take this role.

Nope I would take this role seriously I will be active on the server 24/7 checking for any cuss words or bad behavior but I would not do stupid bans or misunderstandings.

Well first of all have fun. Don't have a bad attitude towards players because they are just trying have fun. Don't spam in chat cuz it's annoying.

Don't be a neek. Get to know the community. Try stay active as much as possible. Don't abuse your power.

Yes it's the right thing to do for players and me.

Yup I'm a true grinder.

I have full netherite and stacks of diamonds I am very stacked.



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(Warning Team)

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> Well first of all I can flex on all of my friends

not a good reason to be staff -1


> Don't be a neek

bro what even -2



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was a pretty negative response from 121 logger, but 121 logger does have some points. mattpew22 does seem the cool guy.

121 logger it wasnt nice of you just to pick out the 2 bad things and ignore the rest of what he says, he deserves a chance like everyone else and, he has some valid points that have to be at least considered by someone,

anyway mattpew22 has previously been banned, and since then has learnt from his mistakes, he follows rules and goes with the community, its now 5 months he has been here and 4 months since the ban, he has reported players and been good to have +1

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