How Faring is Missed

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Hi all just a quick post I wanted to make, while of course and always respecting the awesome administration processes which make SV possible, as well as the integrity and reasoning of those in charge! The entire staff team on SV is amazing, and I feel everyone fills their neiche really well, helping to make the place a safe and fun space for us all (ty all btw ;))

Faring, we noticed, recently lost his role of Admin, and has been demoted one step to Mod. I dont know the details of course so didnt want to discuss them in this thread - but I would like to put in some good words for Faring as they have been a wonderfull moderator since they got the title

When building the new Spawn Faring helped imesurably with editing and catalouging the teleport command blocks we were using to move players around the map, it was brain numbing work and I dont thnik I ever proprtly said thanks for it (tried to do it myself and was beyond my powers lol), but its the stuff like that that make the server easier to manage. He always puts the effort in, and there have been many times now where he has spent a great deal of his time on technical issues which - im gona be honest here - I have no idea what hes doing! Especially when he explains it. But I get the impression he has always been doing the good  stuff, and we all need another tech guy like this on the server. (Props to Bacon also ofc)))

Faring is approachable, and it has been great to have him so active on the server since the reboot. Hes not only a great admin, but also an experienced player who we all learn alot from. Its been really good to have him to speak to about our latest projects, gives us a chance to modify our designs to cause minimum lag for everyone else. I know all of Exodus and a good number of other players have spoken to me with similar stories about him, and wasnted to pass on that is always appreciated. 

He is super generous, and the server has benifited from this greatly in donations! I'd like to say thanks for that anyway, as it really helps people who cant afford to keep playing, and keeps the server we all love afloat!

I have been watching with interest as he converts the villager system and banking. Im a little concerned that this project will stall without his input! I know as in all things no one is irriplacable, but times short for everyone, and I just hope that soon he will be reinstated to his former role so that he can get all these loose ends tied up 

So in short, I realise something must have occured for the demotion, but I wanted to voice my immence respect for the guy, and my hope that he will one day soon be reinstated as the dedicated and hard working admin we all know.





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thank god I thought he'd died of something




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he got demoted, why?

I liked him 



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I was demoted for a good reason. My inactivity on SV has nothing to do with my demotion, I want to add. I've had a very rough time IRL as im sure many have noticed from my posts about my car in the discord. That plus some other things IRL. I'm alive and around, I just haven't been on Minecraft as my time has been more occupied with other things. 

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